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ALMA-TADEMA, Sir Lawrence. (1836-1912).
Autograph Note, signed.
Card with imprinted address of 34, Grove End Road, St. John's Wood, N.W. This brief note in Alma-Tadema's hand reads, "an autograph for Mr. G.A. R. Hassard's collection, L. Alma-Tadema" Dated 12 Sept., 1903. Card has been mounted on notepaper along with the original mailing envelope, addressed in the artist's hand. Very good.
$110.00                          Book Number: 6310                         Order / Enquire

ANAND, Mulk Raj.
Typed Letter, signed.
On his printed letterhead, jassim house / 25 cuffe parade / colaba / bombay 5. Dated 19 . 12 . 1969.
8˝ x 11", 1pp. Brief but humourous reply to an American autograph seeker who has pulled out all the stops. "Dear friend, I do not usually give autographs, because I do not believe in the pesonality cult. However, since you are a professional autograph collector and a heart patient, I send you the enclosed cards duly signed by me and a photo of a non-photogenic face." Cards and photo no longer present. Letter signed in full. "Mulk Raj Anand, born December 12, 1905, Peshawar, India [now in Pakistan] died September 28, 2004, Pune. Prominent Indian author of novels, short stories, and critical essays in English, who is known for his realistic and sympathetic portrayal of the poor in India. He is considered a founder of the English-language Indian novel." (Encyclopedia Brittanica) Letter folded numerous times for mailing, corner creases, slight soiling, 1 cm tear at top, staple holes in corner, else good condition.
$85.00                          Book Number: 14458                         Order / Enquire

ANSDELL, Richard.
Autograph Letter, signed.
(No place).
1p., 18.5 cm x 11.5 cm, dated "19th of March 1848" to, "My dear George". Embellished with a small drawing of an artist's palette and brush beside a girl wearing a plumed hat. Signed, "Rich Andsell". Richard Ansdell (1815-1885), English painter, best known for his animal and sporting pictures. Mailing folds, slight soiling, else very good.
$185.00                          Book Number: 13735                         Order / Enquire

ATWOOD, Margaret.
Autograph Postcard, inscribed.
New York: Fotofolio, [N.d].
Postcard with attractive black and white photographic image by Jill Krementz of Margaret Atwood in New York City, circa 1971. Postcard produced later, probably in the 1990s. Inscribed along the top margin in blue ballpoint, "For Shirley, best wishes, Margaret Atwood". Fine.
$35.00                          Book Number: 11787                         Order / Enquire

BAYLY, A.E., wrote as 'Edna Lyall.'
Autograph Letter, signed. [A.L.s.]
6, College Road, Eastbourne. Dated 26. Oct. 89.
Approximately 18 cm x 11.5 cm, 1 page, pasted to a large sheet of album paper. About about 65 words. Good condition. To Mr. Boyd, expressing regret at being unable to keep an appointment. Edna Lyall, (1857-1903), Victorian author, whose novels won praise from Gladstone.
$45.00                          Book Number: 12801                         Order / Enquire

BLIND, Karl. (1826-1907).
Autograph Letter, signed.
3, Winchester Road, South Hampstead, N.W. , May 21, [N.y].
4" x 6", 3pp., including a full page diagram. About setting up an auditorium for one of his lectures: "I think it will be best to let the platform be as high as you showed it to me yesterday. The table on it to be covered with cloth. Please have seats and chairs for 150 persons. Doors to open at 7:30.- The blue tickets admit one person; the pink ones three; but if a party presenting a pink ticket should be more than three, no obligation is to be made. The tickets are only to be looked at; not to be taken as they are issued for the course. I shall endeavour to be at the Cavendish Rooms at about 7; in case there should be any occasion for a slight re-arrangement of the room. Yours Truly, Karl Blind". Blind was a revolutionary arrested for his part in the German uprisings of 1848/49. Later freed and lived in England from 1852. Distinguished writer on German folklore and ethnology, history, politics and literature. Letter folded in quarters, light soiling and slight creasing, else very good.
$150.00                          Book Number: 11788                         Order / Enquire

Autograph Letter, signed.
Gordon Bottomley, 1874-1948, English poet and dramatist, author of numerous verse dramas with themes inspired by Celtic and northern legend. President of the Scottish Community Drama Association and Vice President of the British Drama League. 7" x 5.25" leaf, written both sides, just shy of 300 words. To [William] Aiken, director of the Tate Gallery [from 1917-30], "You have made the Tate a treasure-house to me in many ways; but my thoughts return to it particularly often just now on account of your 60's exhibition, for all the passions of my youth are focused there, and even in memory the spectacle is incomparable. I feel that those years are, so far, the golden time English art - such a time as the years just four hundred years before in Florence - and that that unique efforescence can never be too much prized. Your instinct for marshalling its manifestations must come out of an inspiration not unlike the one that created it; you make me feel that I have sympathies like yours, and for that reason the pleasure of meeting you was greater than I can say, while to go round the rooms with you was a delight as well as a priviledge to both my wife and myself. We hope you will let us remind you of that priviledge the next time we are at the Tate: in the meantime I should be happy if you cared to keep the accompanying book [not offered here] as a token and a sign. I always hope it came out of the same spirit of English art as those pictures; and in the first dedication I have tried to say what Rossetti (as well as two nearer friends) has meant to me. Let it tell you how much two strangers appreciated your great kindness and the generous gift of your time to us; and also how much we should like to renew the contact - perhaps, if you will, some day here on our Northern hill-top. In the meantime, with my wife's kind regards and my own, believe me yours most truly, Gordon Bottomley". Slight creasing, else very good condition.
$275.00                          Book Number: 11821                         Order / Enquire

BOTTOMLEY, Gordon. [1874-1948].
Autograph Letter, signed.
Gordon Bottomley, English poet and dramatist, author of numerous verse dramas with themes inspired by Celtic and northern legend. President of the Scottish Community Drama Association and Vice President of the British Drama League. 7" x 5.25" leaf, written both sides. To Mrs. Whale, regarding a Prize which Bottomley has been awarded. Bottomley discusses health matters and the difficulty of making travel plans to the ceremony. He mentions his play "Gruach", Mme de. Broutelles, and a portrait. About 400 words in the author's attractive hand. Very good condition.
$225.00                          Book Number: 11731                         Order / Enquire

BOTTOMLEY, Gordon. [1874-1948].
Autograph Letter, signed.
The Sheiling, Silverdale, near Carnforth, 11th January, 1922
Gordon Bottomley, English poet and dramatist, author of numerous verse dramas with themes inspired by Celtic and northern legend. President of the Scottish Community Drama Association and Vice President of the British Drama League. 7" x 4 1/2" leaf, written one side. To "Dear Sir, . I do not know if it is your custom to handle manuscript as well as printed books; but I find that some American collectors are interested in M.S.S. also. If any of your customers in that country who have bought my books from you would care about the original M.S.S., I have some of my plays for which I should be willing to consider an offer. Yours Truly Gordon Bottomley". Just over 100 words in the author's attractive hand. Folded twice for mailing else very good condition.
$125.00                          Book Number: 13988                         Order / Enquire

BRADDON, M. E. (Mary Elizabeth).
Autograph sold for benefit at the Crystal Palace.
Approximately 6 1/2" x 4" sheet with scalloped, embossed edge, printed in black, red and gilt. The printed text reads: "Royal Dramatic College / Fete and Fancy Fair / Crystal Palace / July 25 and 27, 1863." Signed, "Very truly yours, M.E. Braddon". At the bottom of the sheet is printed, "The above Autograph was purchased at / Mrs. Howard Paul's Stall / For the Benefit of the Royal Dramatic College". Mary Elizaeth Braddon (1837-1915), popular Victorian novelist; author of "Lady Audley's Secret". Fine bright example with clear signature.
$150.00                          Book Number: 13688                         Order / Enquire

BUCHAN, Anna. (O. Douglas).
Small piece of paper, signed, "Yours sincerely Anna Buchan (O. Douglas)". Light creasing, else a very good example.
$30.00                          Book Number: 20167                         Order / Enquire

CASTLE, Egerton.
Autograph Letter, signed.
On embossed Athenaeum stationery, dated July 4, 1904.
15.5 cm x 10 cm. 4pp. To "My Dear Sir", regarding a manuscript sent in the morning post." - the remainder has gone astray, probably to the wastepaper basket. You understand of course, that this is the very first draft; very rough, almost raw material". Caste mentions an introduction to his novel "Incomparable Bellairs" He goes on to mention a forthcoming vacation in the Highlands. Egerton Castle (1858 - 1920) prolific Edwardian era author, antiquarian, and an expert on fencing. Splitting along fold, corner and mailing creases, else good.
$75.00                          Book Number: 14068                         Order / Enquire

CASWELL, Edward C.
Autograph Letter, signed.
Flushing, L.I., N.Y., [no date].
Octavo, 2 1/3pp., no date. To Mr. Zabriskie. ".I went to the hospital and I am writing now under the most happy condition on the vine-covered porch of my friend's lovely bungalo, overlooking a colorful garden of flowers and vegetables.I really found the hospital a most and had the satisfaction of giving pleasure to many by making many portraits and drawings of varied kinds.". Edward C. Caswell (1879-1963), illustrator, drawing specialist, lecturer, teacher, writer. Illustrated Edith Wharton's "Old New York" and the "Patty" books, by Carolyn Wells. Born in New York City, Caswell was known for his drawings of Greenwich Village. Folded for mailing, paper-clip mark at top, else very good.
$75.00                          Book Number: 14091                         Order / Enquire

CLIVE, Caroline. (a.k.a. Caroline Wigley Clive, and sometimes wrote under the pen name "V").
Autograph Letter, signed.
3pp., approximately 125 words (+ draft) on mourning stationery, 18.5 cm x 11.5 cm. Addressed, "Sheffield / Hereford April 1st", to, "My Dear Mr. Gray, Is it true that Mifs Rigby is going to be married & that her husband is the W. Eastlake? If so I should like to congratulate her; but it wd be very awkward to do so without reason - You remember I hope that I am still in debt for the irish [stockings?]. The interest will soon double the debt - could you kindly tell me what I owe? Draft on verso of final leaf refers to Elizth (sic) Rigby / Lady Eastlake. Caroline Clive (1801-1872), English poet and novelist, best known for her work, Paul Ferroll (1855), a sensational novel, and Why Paul Ferroll Killed his Wife (1860). Mailing folds, mounting paper along left edge, else very good.
$250.00                          Book Number: 13734                         Order / Enquire

CURTIS, George W.
Autograph Letter, signed.
New York, 6 Nov. 1856.
Octavo, 1p. To editor Robert Carter, "I tasted Browning so strongly in the Count's book, that I could not say what would have been pleasantest to say - and Hurlbut will say it in - he tells me - the next no. of Putnam. Truly Yours, George Wm. Curtis" With typed transcript. Folded thrice for mailing, light paperclip mark at top, else very good.
$65.00                          Book Number: 14090                         Order / Enquire

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